A maximalist design approach for a youthful vibe bengaluru RMDK indiaartndesign

Design studio RMDK crafts Anand Sweets – a boutique sweetmeat and savoury store cum restaurant, using a maximalist approach to cater to the youthful, energetic vibe of a booming café culture…Conceptualised as a young, chic, and vibrant space, Anand Sweets in Whitefield, Bengaluru provides its customers with an indulgent shopping and dining experience by creating a sensorially indulgent play of a medley of modern colours and textures, housing fun and quirky patterns, cleverly incorporated within the surface finishing, lighting and furniture details.

Contemporary and luxurious, the interiors explore the power of the uber-chic colour combination of black, white, and gold, along with the drama of the changing forms of a line. The monochrome tinged with a hint of metallic glamour unfolds into a celebratory ambiance with quirky signages and imaginative patterns as the space progresses, thus creating a memorable experience.

green wall AnandSweets bengaluru RMDK indiaartndesign

centre display AnandSweets bengaluru RMDK indiaartndesign

Zoned as an entrance, a boutique retail and a restaurant, the entrance flaunts a chirpy green wall with a luxe marble textured frame and a backlit golden toned signage, setting the tone for the overall spatial experience. It opens into a functional and dynamic space, sporting a wooden ceiling complete with a colonial chandelier beautifully complemented by a black and white chequered floor.

monochrome flooring AnandSweets bengaluru RMDK indiaartndesign

The boutique retail section is marked by a zig zag, black and white marble floor, reflected from a quirky chromatic mirror display, and framed by the metal and glass arch with focus lighting. The photochromatic display plays with the customer’s perspective, creating a unique view for each person based on their individual angle, and thus creating an interactive experience. The minimal geometric wall displays, the mirrored waffle slab ceiling, back-lit mirror, plush furniture, and sleek metal finishing in gold and sumptuous chandeliers create a bold and striking aesthetic that emanates a dreamy, urbane, and ultra-modern ambiance.

central foodcourt AnandSweets bengaluru RMDK indiaartndesigncentral foodcourt AnandSweets bengaluru RMDK indiaartndesigncentral foodcourt AnandSweets bengaluru RMDK indiaartndesign

This high contrast design language subtly transforms into a neutrally attired dining area creating an oasis of a more relaxed, warm, and comfortable ambiance.

fluted counter ribbon AnandSweets bengaluru RMDK indiaartndesigncolourful dadoo AnandSweets bengaluru RMDK indiaartndesign

Overall, wooden ceiling rafters flanked by a series of minimal, curvilinear skeleton arches, imagined in glass and matte black metallic members, along with the white marble textured display counter, the golden striped wall and the minimal floating counters… and simplistic rough wood furniture…  visually guide the customer for a quick spatial overview. Bright tile patterns and vibrant graphic posters bring in the rich visual experience of Old Delhi, reinterpreted into an artful, spirited, and aesthetic decor.

Aimed at creating an artful and delightful spatial experience, Anand Sweets redefines the Indian Contemporary by including the human experience into the design, thus creating elegant, metaphorically busy, interactive spaces.

Fact File:
Project Name: Anand Sweets
Design Firm: RMDK
Project Head: Dhruva Kalra
Area: 4800 sq. ft
Location: Whitefield, Bengaluru, India
Photography: Courtesy RMDK
Text credits: RMDK

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