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A potent combination of imagination and critical thinking

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Publicly, Margot Krasojevic is an acclaimed architect working on a new built typology with a focus on sustainability. In private, Margot depicts the strength of her being with a Hollywood-inspired cocktail avec an inimitable individualistic twist…

Architect Margot Krasojevic has made an early name for herself in the field of experimental architecture that challenges technological application in the built form with special focus on computer-aided architecture to harness renewable energy and sustainable practices.

Here, she invites us into her private bar, where fine crystal tinkles with the best spirits as Margot prepares The Red Rum, her personal favourite using Vodka instead of Rum; her drink inspired by her favourite Jack Torrance from the Overlook Hotel in the film, The Shining.

Just as her projects and her thought process investigates new typologies and cross disciplinary collaboration in a potent combination of imagination and critical thinking, her signature cocktail depicts a quality of surrealism; drawing a parallel in the way she customises the drink to her palate.

What’s on the Menu… Cooking with the Creatives is a mini web series that peeps into the culinary skills of creative professionals like architects, designers and artists, in an attempt to unveil the characteristics that drive these experts to create the magic that they wield on the professional front. The making also highlights a slice of life from their personal diaries.

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