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Ergonomic door handle by Zaha Hadid Design

ZHD NEXXA door handle indiaartndesign

Zaha Hadid Design (ZHD), in partnership with the architectural iron-mongery specialist izé, releases NEXXA, a unique door handle concept characterised by a seamless gesture through space.

Developing the design with a special focus on presence, and the impact on the user, and their environment, the proportions of the handle have been experimented with, achieving a playful balance between form and scale. The articulation of the lever, as an angled projection, provides an opportunity to add a sculptural refinement, extending the visual interest beyond the functional.

This collaboration is distinguished by the innovative design of a new rotational mechanism as the junctions are carved into a ball-and-socket detail, which is revealed within a smooth cavity when the handle is rotated.  The unification of these parts minimises friction for the action of the rotation to embody a seamless movement in space, and an expressive, elegant, and sculptural quality to the design.

The NEXXA is available in variants of four distinct finishes and colour ways, of which the Satin Rose-Gold is unique to ZHD within the izé portfolio.

DIMENSIONS: L 21.5 X H 6.5 X D 8.0 cm  

 Info & images: Zaha Hadid Design

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