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GlulamOffice SpacesArchitects at ka indiaartndesign
Architect Kapil Aggarwal expertly remodels a former storage space into a showroom to display the use and versatility of structurally engineered wood…

Located near New Delhi’s industrial sector, the 2500 sq. ft. setup assembles different door-window systems in one place. The design of the space spotlights the fine quality of the imported Canadian wood and the special techniques of pasting high strength, kiln-dried lumber pieces – both of which form the premise of Glulam Technology. A product currently lesser known to the Indian market, the showroom intends to spread awareness and educate consumers of its benefits and high quality.
floor plan Glulam office SpacesArchitects at ka indiaartndesign
Working on the intent, an open floor plan with displays and mock-ups engage attention for the most part, as the conference room at the far end offers a view of their adjacent manufacturing facility, prompting an interactive experience for the visitors. The singular, centrally placed meeting room with its diagonal orientation, introduces dynamism to the volume.
"Glulam office SpacesArchitects at ka indiaartndesign"
ceiling design Glulam office SpacesArchitects at ka indiaartndesign
display Glulam office SpacesArchitects at ka indiaartndesign
The showroom narrates the story of wood as it encompasses the space and animates the design elements. The ceiling, too, expresses the same, while its organic composition adds a touch of fluidity. The backlit panelling above the waiting area reflects the circular grains of aged wood and the suspended ceiling further inside reveals three different coloured stains, representative of wooden fibres. Alternately, the artwork above the bedroom mock-up is an interpretation of wooden grains through an artist’s lens. The furniture also experiments with the same product. Meanwhile, the hanging light fixture in the conference room takes inspiration from a log of wood.
Glulam office SpacesArchitects at ka indiaartndesigncentral cabin display Glulam office SpacesArchitects at ka indiaartndesign
glass enclosure Glulam office SpacesArchitects at ka indiaartndesign
Furthermore, the outdoor green area exhibits the durability of wood in external conditions. Minimal rustic interiors and grey walls characterise the space, while the products inject colour into the dark and monochromatic theme, creating focal points. Combined with the lighting, the project takes the visitor on a visual journey where Glulam wood is the commendable protagonist.
Fact File:
Client: Mr Hardeep
Principal Designer/Architect: Ar. Kapil Aggarwal
Built-up Area: 2500 sq. ft.
Carpet Area: 2100 sq. ft.
Location: New Delhi
Photography credits: Ajay Nirmal & Amit Bhatia

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