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Fusion-flamboyance: a visual story!

Chromed Design Studio designs a luxurious home, blending in modern sensibilities with old world charm in an eclectic mix of styles…

Spread over 3500 sq. ft, this home in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi reflects the homeowners’ lifestyle and personality. Sectioned into formal living and dining areas with attached balconies, a centrally laid out family room cum den area, two bedroom suites with theatrical bathrooms and walk-in closets besides the perfunctory areas that allude to plush living, the home is warm and invitingly designed.

Each space is characterised by a focal element of design and communicates cosiness and warmth. Inspired by a fusion style of design, the focus lies on layering of materials and vantage points that cull out a tailored, understated flamboyance and an energetic vibe.

The low ceiling with large crystal chandeliers in the formal living along with an antique railway station clock that is tastefully designed with rich black finishing, a fireplace, and an aquarium partition dividing the living and dining area constitute the primary public spaces in this abode. The family room cum den is a wooded ensemble that radiates a mellow vibe due to the dim-lit interiors anointed with a larger-than-life television, a striking painting, and an iconic red dot chair by Lekha Washington.  Likewise, a glass wall that shelters artificial plants forms a rather unusual “green-wall” backdrop in the master bedroom; just as another vertical garden anoints one of the bathrooms.

Two other highlights are – a large bookshelf that accentuates the element of intrigue and binds the interior with similar shelving in the bedroom and elsewhere; and the interior doors – vertical lines in opaque glass that add a very chic vibe to the interiors.

Attention to detail that is a hallmark of the design studio continues to weave its magic here too. Soft lighting and soothing colour schemes create the perfect backdrop for signature elements and the spaces seem to seamlessly flow into one another. Tastefully selected design elements create bespoke spaces to manifest what one could call a mid-point in the design, exactly between old and new, and modern and bucolic.

Fact File:
Typology: residential Interiors
Design Firm: Chromed Design Studio
Principal Designer/Architect: Shriya, Abhigyan Neogi
Built-up Area of project: 3500 sq. ft
Carpet Area of project: 3000 sq. ft
Location: Punjabi Bagh, Delhi
Photography credits: Dhruv DV

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