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Headphones + Glasses – together at last!

LucydEyewear indiaartndesign

Lucyd®, the smart eyewear and wearable software developer, is proud to introduce the Lucyd Lyte™- tech-enhanced eyewear on par with designer, lightweight, fashion frames.

Boring old glasses just don’t cut it anymore. You want specs that speak to you, literally. Hear your tunes, make calls, call the shots with Lucyd Lyte. Take all the guesswork out of your upgrade with virtual try-on, loads of lens options, and a 7-day risk-free trial.

The New year begins on a note to further integrate technology into our lives with e-glasses that enable wearers to seamlessly indulge in a true co-connected experience via strategic open-ear technology. Its intuitive touch controls include answering calls, skipping tracks, adjusting volume and using voice assistants like Siri® merely by tapping your glasses. You can also access core smartphone functions handsfree, while looking up and staying engaged with 25+ lens options. And it has a Bluetooth enabled audio! Available from 10th Jan.’2021

Info & images: Lucyd Eyewear 

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