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Most Loved Projects of the Year 2020!

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Team India Art n Design applauds the office design of De’ Caves by Chitte Architects and Sharan Architecture + Design, both from Gujarat, as the most loved projects of the year 2020!

As we wrap-up the year 2020, we review feature-reach, highest viewership, and active engagement across all parameters of our reach worldwide. This year, the two offices of architects and designers Parth Chitte and Vipul and Kruti Sukhadia have won hearts hands-down. The two architects seem to be wowing folks at two ends of the spectrum: one with palpable drama; and the other via simple style.

Using design as a differentiator is a core principle in the works and philosophy of Chitte Architects. Their spaces juxtapose a play of geometry with a marked flair for drama. Their designs almost always incorporate traditional building doctrines in a modern idiom. Consequently, their spaces stand apart, bordering on a thematic, rooted in arresting attention!

Let us hear it from the principal Ar. Parth Chitte…

Here’s a look at their office project that has wowed our viewers: https://www.indiaartndesign.com/the-dynamics-of-creativity/

Simplicity that defines a functional aesthetic using a contemporary style sums up the philosophy that governs Sharan Architecture + Design’s approach to design. Their spaces are characterised by a clean design language that borders on timeless appeal, uncluttered spaces, a distinct warmth with the onus on comfortable elegance, and a subtle touch of surprise akin to that secret ingredient that brings the ‘wow’ factor to a recipe.

Let us hear it from one of the principals, Ar. Vipul Sukhadia…

Here’s a look at their office project that has won them accolades across the globe: https://www.indiaartndesign.com/putting-the-creative-process-on-display-a-visual-story/

A shout-out to our correspondents, Marina Correa, and Ar. Vinita Wagh respectively, for interpreting the architects’ design sensibilities so well; and penning down the narratives that have garnered much appreciation.


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