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Putting the creative process on display: a visual story

Designing for yourself can be the most fulfilling and creatively liberating experience. Sharan Architecture + Design Studio’s workspace in Surat, Gujarat tells a tale no different.

Envisaging a collaborative workspace, the functionality and aesthetics of which map a clean design language, the designers cull out a space that is timeless in its simplicity and modern in its outlook.

Embracing a contemporary style with a feel-good factor, they perpetrate an interior that reveals comfortable undertones, just like a home; their aim for a lively environment that improves employee cheer, where ideas flow freely, and surprising elements instantly impress.

The studio’s 335 sq. ft. floorplate structures an open plan, implementing space-saving techniques that render an uncluttered look. Digressing completely from visually bulky conventional furniture, instead crafting tables and workstations suspended from the ceiling with cables, floating above the ground plane, they effectively mitigate spatial constraints.

Our compact office tests the limits of space conservation”, reflect the designers.

This almost simple cantilever design is extremely skilful – sleek, easy to install and moveable. The 150 kg table anchored by cables is also a thrill to behold. The strategic horizontality of linear elements seemingly amplifies the small space, the effect coming forth through the suspended lighting and a minimalist display shelf.

Championing efficiency, multipurpose spaces cater to different work modes, balancing the small office interiors with eye-catching elements juxtaposed against simple décor. The entrance foyer accommodates the waiting area that also proxies as a discussion and reading area. Beyond, light floods in, elevating the pleasant atmosphere in the studio.

The designers thus successfully employ macro-scale techniques to the micro-scale. The wooden barstools and the set-square inspired lighting element add further charm while a palette of raw metal, warm wood and jute imparts earthy comfort.

What ensues is a delicate composition of elements, revealing clarity and modesty.

Fact File:
Typology: Office design
Project: Office of Sharan Architecture + Design
Principal Interior Designers: Kruti and Vipul Sukhadia
Area: 335 sq. ft.
Location: Surat, Gujarat
Photography credits: Nimisha Dakoria Design Studio

Known more by his professional achievements than for his personal attributes, the designer faces the instantaneous challenge of proving himself through his own domain in this image-driven world. He is often his own PR person and hence needs an amiable base to begin from. His office/ home is consequently a showcase of his personal design muse and give the client/ visitor a glimpse into the ideologies of the designer. This series on Designers’ Domains is based on this very premise. Stay tuned for more…

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