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Simple chic and timeless appeal: a visual story!

Cluster One Creative Solutions focusses on simple chic and timeless appeal to design a large contemporary home for three generations in Pune…

Amalgamating one 3-bedbroom and one 2-bedroom apartment into a large harmonious expanse for a family of six, the designers unequivocally shun ostentation of any kind to ensure a warm vibe of contemporaneity in the home. A largely neutral palette of muted umber tones, wooden panelling, and strategic elements of design in the ceiling couple with an uncluttered, clean look that permeates every room.

Restraint is the overriding USP of this home and plays out beautifully in the layout, completely masking the fact that two apartments have been merged into one. Camouflaged storage and the welcoming nature of a home that has the potential to grow… constitute the underlying nuances that characterise this home and hearth.

Fact File:
Client: Dr. Agrawal & Family
Design Firm: Cluster One Creative Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Principal Designer/Architect: Parag Ainchwar & Parag Sen
Built-up Area of project: 3000 sq. ft.
Carpet Area of project: 2300 sq. ft.
Location: Wakad, Pune
Photography credits: Ashish Bhonde

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