This home redefines luxury using handcrafted techniques

TheStallion AsroArcadedesignStudio indiaartndesign

ASRO Arcade Design Studio creates a luxurious residence weaving the bespoke splendour of the handcrafted into a contemporary lifestyle…

This spacious abode built on a contoured site exploits the terrain to maximise an indoor -outdoor equation. The exterior is reminiscent of times gone by as it brings alive the aura of “floating wooden boxes held together by a soaring roof plane”. Mild steel louvres give a solid look to the facade and act as visual barriers to maintain privacy, while anti-rust treatment over an obsidian glass paint gives the facade an eternally polished look.facade TheStallion AsroArcadedesignStudio indiaartndesignstaircase TheStallion AsroArcadedesignStudio indiaartndesignpanelled staircase TheStallion AsroArcadedesignStudio indiaartndesign

Inside, the house opens to a spacious lobby with a majestic double height, instantaneously alluding to the grandeur of the apparent levels connected by a floating staircase: the basement, ground and two floors above. Public areas like the dining room, spacious living room, kitchen, family room and one bedroom suite occupy the ground floor. Step down, and the basement is designed as a well-appointed party area with a separate TV lounge, sunken lawn et al. Five bedroom suites are distributed between the first and second floors.livingroom corner TheStallion AsroArcadedesignStudio indiaartndesignTheStallion AsroArcadedesignStudio indiaartndesignbrass screen TheStallion AsroArcadedesignStudio indiaartndesign

view towards dining TheStallion AsroArcadedesignStudio indiaartndesigndiningroom TheStallion AsroArcadedesignStudio indiaartndesign

Materiality – metalcraft, stone craft and textiles delineate the identity of each zone; the interior narrative bound by an underlying concept of linear striations. Throughout, the design follows a free-flowing concept using clean lines and symmetry. Floor-to-ceiling windows open the public areas to the open terrace bringing nature indoors – a seamless inside-outside dialogue that is furthered by spacious balconies, lots of plants, a waterbody, and a large terrace with greenery all around.stone panelled room TheStallion AsroArcadedesignStudio indiaartndesignwood panelled room TheStallion AsroArcadedesignStudio indiaartndesignlounge TheStallion AsroArcadedesignStudio indiaartndesignwhite furniture TheStallion AsroArcadedesignStudio indiaartndesignwashroom TheStallion AsroArcadedesignStudio indiaartndesign

Dramatic sculptures, avant-garde leather-finish furniture, brass piping, gold metallic paint, wooden lattice partition, natural stone with a wooden finish used as cladding material, discerning selection of décor accessories, dramatic chandeliers, and bespoke warm lighting… complement the largely neutral interior envelope, ensuring comfortable living spaces that speak of understated luxury. Every space is crafted with intricacies portraying opulent and contemporary designs highlighted by colour, delicate patterns and exquisite textures that contribute to the details.

The studio succeeds in bridging a connection between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary lifestyle in a residence that combines comfort with elegance.

Fact File:
Name of the project: The Stallion
Design Firm: ASRO Arcade
Principal Designer/Architect: Ar. Robin Sisodiya
Built-up Area of project: 14460 sq. ft.
Carpet Area of project: 11638 sq. ft.
Location: Gurugram
Photography credits: ASRO Arcade

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