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This hotel in the verdant mountains of South Tyrol ticks all the boxes of a dreamy getaway

"GfellHotel noa indiaartndesign"

Far removed from a bustling city, the Gfell Hotel sits partially tucked inside a hill within the lush green landscape of South Tyrol, Italy…"view GfellHotel noa indiaartndesign""view GfellHotel noa indiaartndesign""exterior GfellHotel noa indiaartndesign""facade GfellHotel noa indiaartndesign"

noa* (network of architecture) designs this project harmoniously uniting the old and the new as the hotel encompasses two existing structures, a traditional South Tyrolean restaurant and an old, repurposed barn, along with the new construction that houses 17 rooms and a wellness area. This less invasive and environmentally friendly design approach makes the hotel an earth shelter construction that reduces the impact of the operation without taking any views away from the restaurant, whilst providing the guests at the new hotel with a spectacular panorama."restaurant GfellHotel noa indiaartndesign""wooded feel GfellHotel noa indiaartndesign""restaurant GfellHotel noa indiaartndesign""spa GfellHotel noa indiaartndesign""spa GfellHotel noa indiaartndesign""spa GfellHotel noa indiaartndesign"

Both the existing structures are connected to the new spaces below and while Schönblick restaurant sees a few modifications, the old barn is given a new lease of life. Painstakingly restored, the exteriors preserve the barn’s traditional look and its quaint, rustic charm, whilst its refurbished interiors feature cement screed flooring and light-toned walls that complement the exposed wooden structure while dainty lights with textile lampshades appear to float above, radiating a warm glow. It now functions as the hotel’s reception, lounge, and breakfast hall, its seating arrangement intriguingly conceived around the centrally positioned modern fireplace."bedroom GfellHotel noa indiaartndesign"

Tastefully furnished with custom-designed furniture and embodying a cosy appeal using a predominantly natural palette, the rooms exude elegance and comfort in equal parts. Stone-effect tiles mark the bathroom area, a contrast to the durmast wood flooring adopted for the rest of the room. Floor-to-ceiling glass openings that connect to the outdoor extensions ensure that one wakes up to breath-taking views of the scenery. The wellness area is complete with a Finnish- and bio-sauna, wooden-clad mini-rooms for individual use, chaise lounges, and an outdoor deck to relax on.

"plans groundfloor GfellHotel noa indiaartndesign"

Plan – ground floor

"plans undergroundfloor1 GfellHotel noa indiaartndesign"

Plan – underground floor 1

"plans undergroundfloor2 GfellHotel noa indiaartndesign"

Plan – underground floor 2

"section GfellHotel noa indiaartndesign"


Equipped with state-of-the-art insulation technology, and a pellet heating system, the establishment guarantees zero impact on CO2 emissions.

Fact File:
Project name Gfell
Typology: Hospitality & Wellness
Client: Gfell
Architecture: noa* network of architecture
Interior Design: noa* network of architecture
Program: Intervention & Expansion
Surface Area:  2,000 sq. m.
Location: Fiè allo Sciliar, South Tyrol (Italy)
Photography credits: Alex Filz

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