This interior reflects a natural flair for flamboyance!

"Kolkata home BeyondDesigns indiaartndesign"

This Kolkata home by Beyond Designs recalls shades of US of A’s top interior designer, the late Albert Hadley’s maximalist approach…

As an interior decor exercise directed at imparting a fresh look to a two-storey home, one sees a plethora of patterns, textures and colours married together in a grand alliance. Meticulous layering of materials and details leads to rich environments replete with a unique character and an invigorating vibe."living Kolkata residence BeyondDesigns indiaartndesign""doubleheight livingroom Kolkata residence BeyondDesigns indiaartndesign""dining Kolkata residence BeyondDesigns indiaartndesign"

On the first floor, the long corridor, an L-shaped bar area, parents’ room, daughter’s room, and her study room are designed from scratch, while on the second floor, the master bedroom is refurbished."black and white Kolkata residence BeyondDesigns indiaartndesign""maximalism Kolkata residence BeyondDesigns indiaartndesign""window seat Kolkata residence BeyondDesigns indiaartndesign"

One feels the dynamic vibe right from the entrance, where a signature console with upholstered vintage chairs on either side pronounce an interior to-look-forward-to.  Everywhere, one sees a fusion of the contemporary and the classic. Every piece of furniture is treated as if it were a canvas or an artwork by embellishing it with details and accents.

Straight lines paired with sweeping contours, faceted surfaces amid an array of floral patterns, heavy-framed mirrors, works of art in luxurious frames, accents of brass and antique gold in furniture and frames, as polish and as upholstery rivets adding a classical touch; wall scones, table and floor lamps and exquisite chandeliers catering to the lighting requirements… and the like come together to create tasteful, elitist settings amidst the warmth of home and hearth."master bedroom Kolkata residence BeyondDesigns indiaartndesign""master bedroom Kolkata residence BeyondDesigns indiaartndesign""bedroom Kolkata residence BeyondDesigns indiaartndesign""bedroom Kolkata residence BeyondDesigns indiaartndesign"

But although the approach is maximalist, the treatment is guarded. Rich materials are balanced with natural ones. Wainscotting panels delineate a penchant for precision. Neutral painted walls contrast with wood panelling, whilst a beautiful collection of art dots each space."consoles Kolkata residence BeyondDesigns indiaartndesign"

While the ethos is somewhat sensitive and classically oriented, the overall ambience is modern. An air of opulence prevails. A mirror-clad four-post bed touched up with gold polish, a headboard in a shimmery white fabric, powder room done up in red and natural stone with heavy framed mirrors covering the vanity, upholstery in rust orange velvet fabric, grand chandeliers in MS with black matt powder coating and crystal hangings on either side…  create an assemblage that is texture and pattern rich.

A walk through these spaces is like experiencing an elegant contemporary palace brimming with design details – with special attention to scale and style. The home is flamboyant; yet the grandiosity is integrated to reflect a natural flair for the good life!

Fact File:
Design Firm: Beyond Designs
Principal Designers: Sachin & Neha Gupta
Area of project: 6000 sq. ft.
Location: Kolkata
Photography credits: Atul Pratap Chauhan

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