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This silicone sink absorbs splashes, keeps your counter dry!

"Bubble KarimRashid GlassDesign indiaartndesign"

BUBBLE is a wonderfully captivating washbasin fashioned from Siliconio®, a member of the new generation of silicone materials.

Featuring an oval shape with a widened base, BUBBLE is a countertop model celebrating elasticity. Siliconio® is extremely versatile, providing a great tactile sensation. Soft, bendy, and sensual it can be stretched and flexed, always returning to its original form on release. It is also water-repellent, accident-proof, resistant to extremes in temperature (between – 60°C and 250°C), “washable”, fire retardant, non-toxic, and it offers unparalleled chemical resistance.

BUBBLE is the perfect washbasin to bring immense personality to a bathroom setting and is suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

“The rubbery soft sink absorbs splashes, so the counter remains dry, unlike a hard ceramic or Polyester resin sink. BUBBLE is very nice and gentle to the touch. I have dreamed of designing rubbery bathroom fixtures for 20 years and now there’s finally a sink in production and on the market for sale globally as of this week”, says Karim.

Available in four high-impact colors: pink, yellow, sky-blue, and lavender, BUBBLE can certainly be described as a “touch design” product par excellence. Dimensions: Length 503mm, Weight 4.5kg

Info & images: Karim Rashid 

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