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Vignettes: Virginia Lung with Ar. Sanjay Puri

Vignettes S1E3 virginia lung indiaartndesign

Winner of the most ‘Best-of-the-best’ awards for design, Virginia Lung talks about the veritable simplicity that underlines her out-of-box approach to interiors…

In this virtual meet between Ar. Sanjay Puri and Virgina Lung, captured live, the latter – the founder and designer of One Plus Partnership, an internationally acclaimed design studio from Hongkong enlightens us about the unprecedented thought process that defines their unconventional approach.

Virginia speaks about metaphorically incorporating the very experience of projecting a film from the lens of the projector on to the large screen as the interior concept of a theatre. She credits the technically intensive process, where the space is conceived as a volume and numerous projections are subtracted from it, in which the remaining space becomes an irregular and tilted structure. Although every part of the titled structure seems casually arranged and different, it is indeed precisely positioned and created by producing digital drawings and a lot of 3D models. Watch the riveting presentation to know more…

Engineered as a succinct dialogue between two professionals – one, the Presenter and the other, the Guest Editor, here is Episode 3 of Vignettes… morsels that matter!
Presenter: Virginia Lung
Guest Editor: Ar. Sanjay Puri

Videography: Online on Airmeet
Video Editing: Tajammul Khot
Music Funny Song from
Emcee: Udita Chaturvedi
Concept & Creative Direction: Lalit Hira
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