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CIFI ParkMansion IppolitoFleitzGroup indiaartndesign

Ippolito Fleitz Group uses water as the leitmotif and the metaphor to design the sales office of CIFI, one of China’s leading real estate developers…

Prioritising the “experience of a space” as the USP of the design, Identity Architects, Ippolito Fleitz Group (IFG) incorporate the developers’ values of ‘sustainability, health and life in harmony with nature’ as an integral part of their sales office in Hefei, China.CIFI ParkMansion IppolitoFleitzGroup indiaartndesignCIFI ParkMansion IppolitoFleitzGroup indiaartndesignCIFI ParkMansion IppolitoFleitzGroup indiaartndesignCIFI ParkMansion IppolitoFleitzGroup indiaartndesign

All the CIFI sales centres designed by IFG have a strong relationship to their natural environment. The sales centre in Hefei is close to the fifth-largest freshwater lake in the country. So, this time, the leitmotif is water!

The space makes a spectacular impression, a first even for China, with a sunken plaza dominated by a towering artificial waterfall. The flowing water symbolises the moment of change that visitors experience, when they embark on the potential purchase of an apartment: Letting go of the old, welcoming in the new with energy and joy.CIFI ParkMansion IppolitoFleitzGroup indiaartndesignCIFI ParkMansion IppolitoFleitzGroup indiaartndesign

The well-composed customer journey begins in an oasis of green with lots of water. Inside, a fluid, elongated space is revealed, continuing the softness of the outside façade. Layered white and blue tones, and a playful use of texture and structure give the space depth. The interplay of shapes and materials in the space, from structured glass to curved ceilings, cites the endless flow and magic of water. The effect is one of soothing calm without any loss of vibrancy.

Upon entering, a large architectural model immediately captures the gaze. Here visitors can find out more about the project, and the brand. A multimedia room continues the leitmotif. Deep blue and dissolved edges create endless expanses, while delicate LED filaments conjure up the waterfall theme once again. Here, multimedia immerses visitors in the values and qualities of the project before their visit continues with a tour of a model apartment.CIFI ParkMansion IppolitoFleitzGroup indiaartndesign

Back in the sales centre, a light, fluid space with a reflective, stainless steel ceiling traces the glass façade. The deeper you penetrate the space, the calmer and more concentrated the atmosphere becomes. The perfect place for consultations and sales discussions, complemented by a water bar.

Contracts are concluded in the lounge area. Here, warm clay colours and solid materials refer to the element earth: After all, now the theme is putting down roots in new ground and about extremely specific things, such as construction materials, prices and on-site leisure facilities.floorplan CIFI ParkMansion IppolitoFleitzGroup indiaartndesign
Once all the apartments have new owners, the structure will be repurposed to serve as a clubhouse for the new residential complex. In this way, the building will remain an important place for the owners of the future. A place where their own personal story begins – each day anew.

Fact File:
Client: CIFI Group Ltd.
Design Firm: Ippolito Fleitz Group
Principal Designers: Peter Ippolito & Gunter Fleitz
Team: Halil Dogan, Mika Dou, Steffen Hildebrand, Peter Ippolito, Linda Li, Yi (Leo) Luo, Frank Wang, Yu Yan, Jialiang (Tak) Zhou
Partner: LWK+Partners (Architecture)
Area: 1280 sq. m.
Location: Hefei City, Anhui Province, China
Photography credits: Fenfang Lu

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