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Design and significance of our new brand identity

new brand identity indiaartndesign

Departing from a monochrome, indigo-and-white design, the new logo dons a colourful identity; one, we believe, effectively conveys the essence of the IAnD brand, how it has both, matured and transformed.
For nine years, the old logo has been a key element of IAnD, endorsing the brand and building a broader communicative reach with each published project. Today, while our values have not outgrown it, we believe, our design sensibilities have. As we bid adieu to its older typeface, and rather prosaic monogram, we usher in the minimal and the modern.

Our new logo has been very thoughtfully conceptualised and designed by eminent design aficionado and design-evangelist-in-the-making, Co-Founder of Fractal Ink Design Studios and President, NEC, Association of Designers of India, Hemant Suthar.

Constructed out of two equal parts of a circle, overlapped, and tilted over one another, the logo highlights the letters A and D through a composition of positive and negative space. “The circle is both an image and metaphor of completeness and equality”, informs Suthar. “Its two constituents, Art and Design co-exist to influence and support each other.”

“Geometric forms and the classic palettes of RGB/CMYK have been used too much, too often. The idea was to stay away from clichés and try something new”, comments the designer. Inspired by a vibrancy so symbolic of Indian culture and consciousness, Suthar picked a colour palette that is bold, contemporary, and yet has international appeal. Pink depicts the revolutionary nature of art, and orange, the functionality of design. The purple triangle brings out the creative and collaborative nature of art and design. The typeface, a modern font that sits between the extremes of traditional and designer, lends balance to the logo. Neither bold nor heavy, the wordmark does not overshadow the logo. Unequivocally, ‘Art n Design’ build the foundation of ‘India’ in the truest sense.

IAnD has cultivated a strong national and international reputation for publishing fresh, succinct content and the minimalist logo suggests just that. Perceived unconsciously, the logo’s abstract representation and timeless composition reveals layers of meaning and draws out a multitude of first impressions, its uniqueness, just like art and design, lying in the eyes of the beholder.

The redesigned user interface of the website has a minimalistic theme with a strong focus on the intricacies of the work we showcase through beautiful images. As soon as the user lands on our home page, the visually rich and varied experience takes the user on a tour of our myriad segments and plethora of content. Our infinity scroll ensures our users never miss any of our stories rather than searching through a labyrinth of pages and nested navigation. The redesigned website also has a blend of inviting soft corners along with modern sharp edges that represent IndiaArtnDesign’s humble beginnings along with our decade-long strong-standing international presence.

Every feature we showcase has quick notification for users typically looking for a TL;DR; this lets users know how long it would take them to read through the upcoming article.

The new identity is emblematic of IndiaArtnDesign’s approach to the disciplines that we host under this singular umbrella of art, design, architecture, and lifestyle.

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