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LG ups the solar power panel

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LG Electronics USA is introducing the LG NeON® 2 ACe, the latest AC solar module…

Featuring LG’s own integrated microinverter designed for easy installation, monitoring and use, the new addition to LG’s best-selling NeON 2 lineup, available now, builds on LG’s extensive array of solar products, providing homeowners and installers with a wide selection of options tailored for each individual home or building.

The LG NeON 2 ACe is an ideal solution for those seeking high-efficiency and performance along with a faster installation process. This new 60-cell panel features a power class of up to 365W, along with its integrated 320W microinverter. Its design allows for the factory-installed microinverter to be recessed into the frame of the panel and serve as one unit in conjunction with the junction box. It also provides increased flexibility for array designs.

Its thin, circular-shaped wires give it a minimalistic appearance, thanks to its award-winning Cello technology. The implementation of this technology also improves the opportunity for light absorption resulting in an increase of power output. The new panels provide a sleek appearance on the end user’s home or building.

The panel offers a straightforward installation, simplified accessories, and no exposed DC connections.

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