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LG’s new UltraWide monitor

LG UltraWide Monitor indiaartndesign


If multitasking and accuracy on your desktop are both necessities on the job and a way of life, then LG’s new UltraWide monitor is just your thing!

Top creative professionals who thrive on using split tabs to talk on a video call and work on a drawing at the same time, will simply love LG’s new UltraWideTM monitor (model 38WN95C). With an aspect ratio of 21:9, it offers more screen real estate than standard 16:9 displays and ultra-high resolutions as well as a range of productivity-enhancing features.

Its 38-inch curved screen with LG’s Nano IPS display technology and UltraWide QHD+ (3,840 x 1,600) resolution improves focus without any unsightly bezels obstructing one’s view. The monitor’s ability to cover 98 percent of the DCI-P3 colour space is another key selling-point as it facilitates simultaneous display of multiple files and programs. It is especially suited to enhance productivity for video and sound editors, or for anyone who needs to use multiple software programs simultaneously.

 Info & Images: LGNewroom

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