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Inviting you to the think tank called PIN Board!

PINBoard invitation to participate indiaartndesign

Present-day workspaces are witnessing a transformation like never before. The research initiative PIN Board invites your valued inputs to explore, debate, and perhaps consolidate opinion on the ‘office of the future’…

The mass shift in mindset and the accelerated acceptance of the new normal has broken the myth about “the office” being essential. Because, irrespective of the on-goings in the health and economy sectors, work has not come to a standstill. In fact, the shift has paved the way for several global outfits now announcing a permanent work-from-home/ remote-working strategy.

What the industrial revolution did in the 18th century, contributing to the evolution of the office as we know it, now seems like a precursor to the impact the IT revolution is having on us, whilst we stand in its midst, slowly but surely succumbing to it completely, irrespective of class and genre.

The question that now arises is, are we making way for a new work-life idiom? How differently will companies design their physical workspaces? What will happen to the real estate investments of multinational offices with umpteen branches? How will HR function? How will the psyche be impacted? Will productivity be impacted? Will emotional intelligence be impacted?… and on… and on…

In this scenario, Team IndiaArtnDesign in association with ADI -Association of Designers of India and WE School, proposes the online research initiative – PIN Board – “the construct of the future of the office and its consequent industrial impact!”

With the manifold tangential approach that completes an ‘office’, we invite cross-disciplinary thought and problem-solution statements to a virtual platform to address both – existing and foreseeable issues of the office of the future.

Studies reveal that each office genre has its own set of challenges. To begin with, we are therefore currently focusing on:
– IT/IT services
– Design Studios
– Factory attached offices.
– Public Service establishments

We invite you to be part of an elite virtual think tank of subject matter experts, to explore roadblocks and propose solutions, to help formulate the ground rules for a future work environment.

To participate and submit your proposal on how you would approach this subject, fill in the form below.

Last date for submission: 22nd Feb. 2021

Dates of Board Meetings: 18th & 19th March 2021

Unlike just another webinar, each PIN Board session will see the participation of 5 Board members, with each contributing as a presenter of his unique idea.

Who should participate?
Representatives from
• Design Studios – Architects, Designers, Design Thinkers
• Real Estate Industry (Co working space / Leasing companies)
• Manufacturing Segment (Furniture OEMs/ Hardware/
• Raw materials – Plywood| Laminate…/ Air-conditioning/ Electrical Fittings
• and Fixtures)
• Academia (Design Institute / Research Scholar/Student)
• Behavioural Psychology / Behavioural Design
• Corporate Management/ Design Economists

What is expected out of you?
Pick on a problem statement relating to the office of any one of the four office sectors mentioned above.
Propose a solution for the same in form of an elevator pitch to get selected to the PIN Board.

To participate and submit your proposal on how you would approach this subject, fill in the form below.

Last date for submission: 22nd Feb. 2021

All proposals will be reviewed, shortlisted and finalised by a panel comprising:
• Association of Designers of India
• WE School
• India Art n Design
and two stalwart moderators
Ar Nandani Somaya Sampat, Director Somaya Kalappa Consultants, Mumbai, India
Ar. Peter Ippolito, Principal, Ippolito Fleitz Group, Stuttgart, Germany.

Selected proposal providers will be:
a) invited to participate as Board Members at the elite think tank of PIN Board scheduled to be held online on 18th and 19th March 2021.
b) part of the promotional campaign of PIN Board via IndiaArtnDesign’s social media channels.
c) Each of the selected proposals will be disbursed in form of a video on IndiaArtnDesign website and promoted via its social media channels.
d) All selected proposals will find place in the Video Handbook that will be published online to make the research available in public domain free of charge, to add value to the community.
Besides, all shortlisted proposals will be published on IndiaArtnDesign.com website with due credits to the particpant and his organisation.

Format for presentation on PIN Board:
Selected Board Members will present their problem statement and desired solution in
a) five standardised slides
b) in a duration of 3 mins
Each problem-solution shall then be debated upon and nailed by the 4 other members of the Board.
Duration for discussion and consolidation: 5 mins.

To participate and submit your proposal on how you would approach this subject, fill in the form below.

Last date for submission: 22nd Feb. 2021

For queries, if any, please feel free to write to us at pinboard(at)indiaartndesign(dot)com

Content: Courtesy Team IAnD & WE School students – Yashika Jain, Tanvi Dhariwal, Rudraraj Trivedi, Naincy Vishwakarma, Pooja Salecha and Vaibhav Murkute of PGDM Business Design (2019-21)

Creatives: Courtesy Pearl Academy students Monalisa Sengupta & Dhruvi Dadia of Undergraduate Communication Design (graphics) Level 2

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